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Legacy School Day Support (Sport Premium)


At Legacy Sport we believe that every young person deserves the opportunity to develop their Physical Literacy & experience a high quality physical education curriculum. 

Legacy Sport is committed to developing physical literacy in young people, it forms the basis of all our Curriculum Day support. Physical literacy can be seen as the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding that provides children with the movement foundation for lifelong participation in physical activity. Enabling young people to be physically literate supports their development as competent, confident and healthy movers. Through our provision of structured breakfast & after school clubs & curriculum day support, we believe we are providing the young people within our schools the opportunity to fully develop their physical literacy. 

Legacy Sport currently train, support & deliver in over 20 schools each week, keeping over 5000 children active. We actively promote collaborative working in order to maximise impact around sport premium funding. We encourage partner schools to become Youth Sport Trust members in order to access an enhanced menu of resources, CPD and support. Legacy are committed to helping schools to fulfil the requirements of the OFSTED Physical Education criteria & our curriculum is developed in line with this.

1) Curriculum PE:

Teachers are supported by qualiified Legacy Instructors to deliver high quality inclusive curriculum PE. We aim to empower teachers who are lacking in confidence and ensure that young people have positive early experiences of sport & physical activity. 

Impact of Curriculum PE in 2015:

  • Young people have developed competence in a wide range of physical activities.
  • increased levels of fitness through sustained periods of activity.
  • More understanding of how to lead a healthier, active lifestyle.
  • Empowerment & confidence levels of teachers increased through team teaching & shared planning.

"This is exactly how the Sport Premium funding is intended to be utilised by schools". - OFSTED Inspector, May 2015

2) Healthy Breakfast & After School Sports Clubs:

Legacy sports coaches will aim to get young people as active as possible by providing high quality after school & breakfast clubs (energiser) sessions.

Impact of Out of Hours Clubs:

  • Increased levels of fitness for the young people attending.
  • Improved academic performance in schools due to healthy breakfast.
  • Improved behaviour following structured lunchtime activity.
  • improved performance from competitive schools teams in fixtures & events.

"My son is a little reluctant when it comes to sport but, after a little persuasion, he decided to try your club. It was a real surprise to both my son and I that he really enjoyed it & particularly being able to try out different sports & activities". - PARENT, June 2015

3) Annual Competition Calendar:

Designed to promote maximum participation for all young people in structured, appropriate competition. Working in conjunction with SGO’s, YST and NGB’s we will aim to increase participation in high quality Sainsbury’s schools games events.

Impact of the Competition Calendar:

  • Competitive spirit strengthened, resulting in more activity & health benefits.
  • Relationships across schools strengthened.
  • Young people encouraged to meet & connect with other schools to develop community cohesion.

Links to Community Clubs/ NGB competition

Legacy will always aim to provide an exit route following coaching or events to encourage participation in community settings. We will develop sustainable partnerships with community clubs, secondary schools and NGB’s. Annual training will help to increase the pool of volunteers and AOTT’s who can assist in organising sessions and events.

Habits 4 Health™

In our Habits4health™ programme young people learn how to eat more healthily and partake in the required amounts of physical activity per week. They are encouraged to share this information with families thus improving the wider health of the community. This has seen over 90% of young people demonstrating increased levels of understanding about healthy, active lifestyles. Targeted year groups each year will learn about nutrition and appropriate activity levels within school based sessions. This will hopefully lead to young people making more informed lifestyle choices.

If you would like to find out how Legacy Sport can help your school please contact info@legacysport.co.uk or call 01924 423520

Legacy Enrichment


1) Holiday Enrichment Camps:

Legacy Sport deliver quality assured half termly activity camps that run throughout the year at various school sites. On each camp the young people will start the day with a healthy breakfast, will make new friends and will try new activities. Ultimately they will have lots of fun and be active.

2) Transition Camps

Legacy 'Transition Camps' aim to tackle obesity & address low level understanding about what constitutes to a healthy lifestyle. The camps focus on two key outcomes; regular physical activity & healthy balanced diets. The first camp is delivered to the young people at the end of year 6, in the transition holiday period between year 7. The camps take place in high schools in the transition holiday & then on the three following half term holidays. Each camp lasts three days & is delivered by Lifestyle Instructors from Legacy Sport.  

Impact of the Holiday Enrichment:

  • Young people are meaningfully engaged so that they are not misbehaving in the holidays.
  • Young people have an improved understanding of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Behaviour in school has improved.
  • Attitudes in school have improved.

If you would like to find out how Legacy Sport can help your school please contact info@legacysport.co.uk or call 01924 423520.

Legacy Ride


At Legacy Sport we believe that All young people should have access to a clear progressive pathway of safe cycle development.

1) Bikeability:

Bikeability is cycling proficiency for the 21st century, designed to give the next generation of young people the skills and confidence to ride their bikes on today's roads. Legacy have a team of British Cycling trained instructors deliver Level 1 & 2 courses to pupils in years 5, 6 & 7. Bikeability teaches young people to cycle safely on the road, providing a life long skill & promoting sustainable travel & a healthy lifestyle.

Impact of Bikeability in 2015:

  • In this academic year over 900 young people have attended a school based L1 & L2 course.
  • 100% of the young people completing L1 & L2 passed & are now more safe & confident to cycle on roads.
  • Legacy Sport have 5 new instructors trained and qualified to deliver L1 & L2 Bikeability.
  • Schools have reported an  Increase in good behavior and performance at school.
  • Evaluations have shown an increase in young peoples confidence, independence & social skills.
  • Evaluations have reported an increase in the use of bikes within our local community leading to a decrease in pollution & exhaust fumes in the air.
  • An Increase in the use of bikes will lead to an increase in fitness levels as cycling is one of the best forms of exercise.

Legacy Academy


At Legacy Sport we aim to help young people reach their potential through relevant training & provide a clear pathway of employability.

1) Legacy Leadership Academy:

Young Sports Leadership training begins in primary schools, boosting self esteem & confidence. More formal training is delivered for secondary school Sports Leaders who can help to increase capacity and sports participation in the community. These leaders build upon the skills they have aquired in primary school and it is our hope that we will be able to provide routes to employment for the most enthusiastic and dedicated leaders.

Impact of Sports Leadership in 2015:

  • Increased sports participation of young people in local schools & the community.
  • Increase in role models and advocates for sport in primary schools.
  • Promotion of postive values leading to increased behaviour in schools.
  • Wider impact of the Sports Leaders being more skilled for employment, further education & training.
  • Increased empathy & understanding in schools which helps to create a supportive & cooperative culture.
  • Improved relationships between the community & schools.

2) Work Experience Mentoring:

Training is provided for students from Huddersfield University, New College, Greenhead College & Spen Valley High School. On placement, the students recieve full time mentoring from fully qualified Legacy Sport Instructors & gain valuable practical experience for the duration of their placement.

Impact of Work Experience in 2015: 

  • Trainees equipped with specific teaching & coaching skills.
  • Improved skills leading to firm job opportunities in the sport sector, further education & training.
  • Improved confidence & competence to deliver PE & Sport in schools.

3) Legacy Apprenticeships:

Each academic year Legacy Sport aim to take on two new apprentices who have shown potential & desire throughout our Sports Leadership & Work Experience programmes. The apprenticeship programme is a nationally recognised qualification.

Impact of the apprenticeships scheme in 2015: 

  • Improved training leading to firm job opportunities within the sector.
  • Improved confidence & competence to deliver PE & Sport.
  • Successful apprentices have a chance of a firm offer of employment with Legacy Sport.

"I was always interested in working with young people & wanted to become a qualified sports instructor. Completing my apprenticeship  with Legacy Sport has allowed  me to gain vast experience in this sector & has given me the confidence and desire to now go onto train to be a PE Teacher."

Oliver Fenton, Trinity & All Saints University

Oliver came to Legacy Sport after a successful year as a Young Sports Leader.  He had shown many of the skills & qualities needed to become a Sports instructor & after he had completed college was given the opportunity to become the first ever apprentice for Legacy Sport.  During his training Oliver underwent a vocational training course which included a number of qualifications that enabled him to work within a number of different areas in sport. After successfully completing his apprenticeship & gaining a Level 2 Sports Coach qualification, Oliver continued his sporting pathway with Legacy Sport & became a fully qualified Sports Instructor.


If you would like to find out how Legacy Sport can help your school please contact info@legacysport.co.uk

Legacy Sporting Age

Sporting Age © is our tool for measuring a young persons physical literacy. In a school context developing physical literacy is the foundation of PE & school sport so enabling students to be physically literate supports their development as competent, confident & healthy movers. The Sporting Age tool provides accurate baseline testing as well as age & stage appropriate interventions that help to develop a young persons physical literacy for PE, Sport & lifelong health.

At the same time the Sporting Age © tool provides immediate training & support for primary school teachers & helps them to develop their own confidence & competence in delivering PE & Sport.


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