The Challenge

When children start primary school, 20% of them are either overweight or obese. By the time they leave primary school aged 11, this figure rises alarmingly to 35%. Physical inactivity and the lack of confidence and physical competence are a significant part of the challenge.

Our Aim

At Legacy Sport, we have a vision for all young people to be “physically literate” by the time they leave primary school. This means they will be confident and competent in fundamental movement skills, ready to embark on an active secondary school education. Physical Literacy is the key to the health and wellbeing of a young person.

Physical literacy: The motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding that provides children with the movement foundation for lifelong participation in physical activity.

Our Solution

In partnership with Amaven software, we have developed our innovative ‘Sporting Age’ tool, which we hope will start to address the alarming statistics and help to develop a young persons physical literacy for PE, Sport and lifelong health. In a school context developing physical literacy is the foundation of PE and school sport so enabling students to be physically literate supports their development as competent, confident & healthy movers.


of Children leaving primary school
are either overweight or obese

How it works

Our ‘Sporting Age’ team will conduct the physical assessments for each class. We can then highlight each child's individual needs across a range of fitness components. The ‘Sporting Age’ assessments involve fundamental skills testing which form the building bricks of physical literacy. The results help teachers to consider what those age and stage appropriate interventions need to focus on in order to maximise the potential to develop the physical literacy of all students.

Your results will generate a number
of clear interventions:

High Quality Age and Stage Appropriate Lesson Plans.

We provide high quality lesson plans for teachers to deliver, which are fun, challenging, meet the national curriculum for learning and allow young people the chance to progress. The results from the ‘Sporting Age’ testing will determine which set of age and stage appropriate schemes of work a teacher can access so that the lesson plans are personalised to a child’s ‘Sporting Age’.

Personal home activity plans.

‘Sporting Age’ gives each young person the same high-level of personalisation and support, whether the young person is showing signs of being gifted and talented or is in need of extra guidance. Personalised home activity plans are generated so that each young person can work through and progress at their own rate. Each child has access to a personalised online locker containing their assessment results and a personalised home activity plan. Plans are based on identified strengths and areas to improve and include a variety of activities to develop the fundamental movement skills and general fitness. The plans are fun and easy to follow, allowing children to be active out of school and encouraging parents to engage with their child’s learning.

Measuring and Reporting.

Assessments allow teachers to track each pupil's strengths and areas of improvement and identify their learning needs. Personal, class, and school reports can easily be created to share with parents, teachers, OFSTED and evidence for Sports Premium Funding. You will be able to identify children who are not developing as expected and also those children who are showing signs of being gifted and talented.

For teachers with or without PE specialism

The ‘Sporting Age’ tool provides immediate training and support for primary school teachers and helps them to develop their own confidence and competence in delivering PE and Sport.

Standardised assessments and a scoring system help teachers to evaluate each child's physical performance quickly and identify areas for further development. By using our high quality lesson plans, teachers can save valuable time spent planning and follow well-established best practice.


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