Our Company

Legacy School Sport CIC was incorporated in March 2011 and is a dedicated 'not for profit' Social Enterprise. The ultimate aim of Legacy is to promote Healthy, Active Lifestyles. Our long term development plan focuses on constructing a robust infrastructure which is not reliant on short term funding streams. The need to be competitive will drive us to deliver a high quality, value for money service, promoting sustainability.

The Issue

The 2013/14 Public Health England figures showed that 20% of 4-5 year olds, and 33% of 10-11 year olds were overweight or obese. It was also highlighted that young people were doing much less physical activity than ever before.

The Legacy Sport Solution

We want to remove the barriers to physical activity & start to encourage more young people to make physical activity & healthy eating part of their everyday lives. To help us change the current landscape, we have a dedicated trained team of delivery professionals & volunteers who are empowered to reflect the company values. Our team are our greatest asset & investment to guarantee high standards will help us to enhance the Legacy brand. We recognise the need to create a multi-skilled, adaptable workforce in order to develop a self-sufficient, sustainable model. It is important that we also empower & upskill primary school teachers to help promote sustainability. Our advanced skills instructors will work alongside teachers in lessons to increase their subject knowlegde & confidence in PE. Dedicated Legacy managers & PE consultant Mike Whitfield will quality assure the provision of instructors & coaches and we will work closely with schools to collect data and monitor progress to demonstrate the impact of P.E & Sport funding.

Progress Since Inception

Legacy Sport CIC started trading in September 2011 with a £1000 pot of money, one full time instructor & two part time staff. Our cumulative turnover has recently just passed the £500,000 mark, with everything re-invested into PE, Sport & Health in our local community. Currently we have 16 employees, 4 casual staff and have provided training for 25 young volunteers, along with 22 work experience placements this year.

The Legacy Squad is made up of friendly and knowledgeable professionals, who, with their own unique talents, share a wealth of experience. Because of this, Legacy always has a specialist on hand to address all PE, Health and Sporting needs. Due to the fact that the sporting landscape is constantly changing, our specialists continuously study the latest trends in all aspects of sporting provision and make sure they share good practice.

Legacy has started to evolve very quickly into an enthusiastic team of dedicated people. Below you’ll find a picture of each member and a few details of what they do here and in their spare time.

Shaun Fox

Name: Shaun Fox

Position: Managing Director

Relevant Experience: Head of PE, SSCo & PDM

Food: Fillet Steak

Music: Oasis

Likes: Cornwall 

Dislikes: Inconsistencies

Antony Wood

Name: Antony Wood

Position: Legacy Active Director

Relevant Experience: Sports Coaching

Food: Indian

Music: Red Zepelin

Likes: Sport

Dislikes: Bad Manners


Tom Whitfield

Name: Tom Whitfield

Position: School Games Organiser 

Relevant Experience: Degree in Sports Coaching

Food: Yorkshire Pudding

Music: The Smiths

Likes: All Sport

Dislikes: Greediness



Nathan Auty

Name: Nathan Auty

Position: Operations Manager

Relevant Experience: National Diploma in Sports & Fitness

Food: Indian

Music: R & B

Likes: Rugby League & Positivity

Dislikes: Ignorance & negativity

Jonny Nolan

Name: Jonny Nolan

Position: Director of Sporting Age

Relevant Experience: Head of PE 

Food: Indian/Mexican

Music: Indie/Rock

Likes: Travelling & Music

Dislikes: Bad Manners

Danny Teale

Name: Danny Teale

Position: Sports Instructor

Relevant Experience: Sports Coaching & fitness level 3. Activity leadership level 3.

Food: Indian, chinese, anything chicken.

Music: HipHop/R&B, Drake & Kanye West

Likes: Manchester United, football, bowling, spending time with family.

Dislikes: Being late.

George Pickles

Name: George Pickles

Position: Sports Instructor

Relevant Experience: Sports Coaching Diploma

Food: Margarita Pizza/ Fish & Chips

Music: Queen

Likes: Manchester United & Spending time with family & friends

Dislikes: People talking through films

Andrea Springthorpe

Position: Director of Finance & Strategy 

Relevant Experience: Exercise & Health Degree/Level 3 PT/Running Coach

Food: Steak/Indian/Scones

Music: Eclectic mix, anything from Queen/ELO/Pink & 90's dance classics!

Likes: Gym, Running, Swimming,  Penguins & Holidays.

Dislikes: Middle Lane hoggers

George Sommerville

Name: George Sommerville

Position: Sports Instructor

Relevant Experience: Sports Coaching Degree

Food: Cheese, any kind. Blue is the best though!

Music: Oasis/Artic Monkeys

Likes:  Huddersfield Town

Dislikes: Huddersfield Town

Finley Hickey

Name: Finley Hickey

Position: Sports Coach (Advanced apprenticeship scheme)

Relevant Experience: Currently studying Sports Coaching Degree

Food: Fajitas

Music: Drake

Likes:  Rugby League

Dislikes: Rude drivers

Cameron Bedford

Name: Cameron Bedford

Position: Higher Apprentice Sports Coach

Relevant Experience: 

Food: Duck & Pancakes

Music: Anything

Likes:  Huddersfield Town

Dislikes: Leeds United, Cheese any kind, blue is the worst

Jonny Marshall

Name: Jonny Marshall

Position: Sports Instructor

Relevant Experience: PE & School Sport Graduate of Edge Hill University

Food: Steak

Music: Foo Fighters/Oasis/Green Day

Likes:  Playing Football

Dislikes: Rain while playing football!

Liam Swales

Name: Liam Swales

Position: Sports Instructor

Relevant Experience: Degree in PE & Sports Coaching

Food: Has to be Domino's

Music: I'll listen to anything that gets me up for the gym. Although partial to a bit of Taylor Swift every now and then!

Likes:  Football (Manchester United) and spending time with friends and family.

Dislikes: Self centered/egotistical people. Also Man City!

Jordan Brunt

Name: Jordan Brunt

Position: Sports Coach Advanced Apprentice

Relevant Experience: Degree in PE & Sports Coaching

Food: Italian & Chinese

Music: Indie/ R & B

Likes:  Football (Leeds), Golf, Spending time with family & friends

Dislikes: Miserable weather and bad manners

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